Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Online Card Classes - Watercolour for Card Makers

Hi Everyone,

I have been taking another class over at Online Card Classes.  This one was watercolour for Card Makers: Intermediate and Wow it has been great; to date it is the best class I have taken!  It was taught by Dawn Woleslagle who is an amazing water colour artist!  Anyway you can sign up any time, it is no longer live but it is self paced.  Day One had us practicing repetitive blending of colours.  I had no pears, as Dawn used in class so traced my balloon dies and water coloured them.  Neither are great, but hey you gotta start somewhere right! 

Anyway here is my first attempt!

 Attempt 2 was a little better

Here they are together, I feel like I definitely improved in the second image

I will do a second post directly following this one with day 2...Flowers!

Thanks for stopping by!


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